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Payment Options:

Thank you for choosing Apex Endodontics for your dental needs. We provide a variety of payment options in order for you to help you receive the care you need and deserve. Endodontic treatment fees are based on a variety of factors including what type of tooth it is, the restorative condition of the tooth, and what is needed in order to achieve the greatest chance for success with your dental treatment. This may include a root canal, a build-up material, a post that is placed inside your tooth, and a full-coverage crown in order to protect your tooth. Your general dentist will create a treatment/restoration plan to meet your needs.

We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cash, and personal checks. We also accept Care Credit to help you finance your investment in your teeth. Our office offers 6 months NO interest payment plans for those who qualify.


For our patients with insurance benefits, Apex Endodontics will be more than happy to prepare and submit dental insurance claims, and/or assist in making insurance collections on the patient’s behalf. For your convenience, we can submit your insurance claim and accept the assignment of benefits directly to our office. Because dental insurance companies will not divulge patients’ personal insurance arrangements, Apex Endodontics can only estimate benefits to be paid. Since this varies for each individual, 25-75% of the cost of the procedure is required at the time of service. If your insurance pays more than the estimated amount, a refund check from this office will be mailed within 10 days. If your insurance pays less than the estimated amount, you will receive an email asking you to pay the balance on our secure website. In this situation, your prompt attention is greatly appreciated. If insurance does not pay within 30 days, Apex Endodontics will request the full balance from you and ask you to collect the insurance funds that are due to you directly from your insurance company. We want to assist you in maximizing your dental benefits, and this allows you the opportunity to minimize your out of pocket investment.

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