At Apex Endodontics, our advanced endodontic procedures and treatments will help you save your teeth. Our main goal is to preserve the natural state of your teeth and get you out of discomfort. Endodontists are specialists in identifying problems inside the pulp of your tooth. We provide the best possible solutions to eradicate tooth pain and discomfort you may be experiencing. Apex Endodontic’s staff will educate you on dental restoration prevention and best practices to maintain healthy teeth.
Teeth consist of two main parts: the outside white part which is the visible crown in your mouth. The second part is the root/roots, which is that part of the tooth that lies beneath the gum and is surrounded by bone. Each root contains a channel that runs the length of the tooth. This channel is the root canal and contains the pulp (nerves, blood vessels, and soft tissue) which is usually called the Nerve. Bacteria can gain access to this tissue by way of decay, very deep fillings, fractures, trauma, or even periodontal disease. This can cause the pulp to be irreversibly damaged and lead to pain and infections. Endodontic therapy allows for the preservation of the tooth, which entails the removal of the diseased pulp tissue.
This procedure is known as endodontic therapy or a “root canal”. After the root canal procedure is complete the root will continue to function normally because the supporting tissues remain intact. It is advisable to remove the injured pulp because it may become infected or act as an irritant to the tissues surrounding the tooth.


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